Your general policy and identity

A. General policy 

Do you have a clear corporate policy for your company, or private policy as an individual person ?

  • In what phase of life do you find yourself and your company ?
  • What are the contemporary challenges that need to defeated ? 
  • And your relation towards the world in general ?
  • What are the opportunities ?
  • What type of means are needed ?
  • What about growth, aspiring what type of curve, and what type of efforts are accepted and not accepted ?
  • How important is your staff ?   And what philosophical model will be kept for making decisions with respect to staff and insurances ?
  • How important is the meaning of “environment” , “sustainability”?  And towards the world in general ?
  • Also on a level of fiscal benefits ?  Are fiscal benefits always considered as a first level priority target ?  Or do other targets have more priority ?

Thinking over your policy including these topics in a systematic way,  is a first step for withdrawing a clear insurance policy in harmony with the entire corporate policy of the company.

B. Your own insurance policy well designed

We provide support in the process of withdrawing your insurance policy.  A good insurance policy will enable the possibility for taking well considered decisions and will enhance the profile of your company in its totality.

  • How, what standards, are you maintaining for insuring your company ?  Or as a guide for your own economy ?
  • What level of risk can handle your company, or to what extent are you willing to do self-insurance ?
  • On the basis of what criteria are you making the choices related to your insurances ?
  •  Is your insurance policy in harmony with your prevention- and  damage policy ?
  • Which insurance companies are having a policy matching with your own one ?

C. Prevention policy

Turn ‘care’ and ‘involvement’ into building blocks for growth and well-being !

We work with experienced risk managers to devise a robust prevention policy with the following objectives :

  1. Prevention of damage
  2. Limitation of damage through rapid and coordinated action

We support you in identifying and evaluating risks, in building awareness, and in scenario planning. We act in conformity with the relevant legislation but our primary purpose is to protect your assets, with due regard to the environment.

A strong prevention policy is grounded in a climate of involvement and care. For that very reason, we provide not only practical advice in terms of risks but also on the level of corporate culture and structure

Certain conditions need to be fulfilled for making a prevention policy robust and fit for purpose. Having staff with a strong commitment to the company, its activities, and its processes is undoubtedly a major strength. Having a culture where all are responsive to the company ethos stimulates innovation, improvement, and development.

In this sense, prevention is not just a legal obligation but a roadmap to future growth.

D.  Your damage policy  – risk management

It is of major importance that time will be taken, for developing a full understanding about the elements and the cause of the accident with related damage.

  • Are you owner of a damage policy, and does it mean that time will be spent for reflection and contemplation for overthinking and studying damage cases ?
  • Will the circumstances of the accident be studied and analysed ?
  • Is the level of risk related to the aspired growth still sound ?    And are the core values backed  under all circumstances ? 
  • Is the cause of the risk situated in an element of the object of risk, by a fault of the user,  or in the usage of a specific application ?   
  • Is extra training required or would specific briefings be useful ?
  • Can the size of the risk be limited ?

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