Insurances are special products.  It are tools for establishing a strong financial planning and for much more safety and financial carrying power.

Everything of value can be protected.   And insurances can be used in order to protect and support growth of everything that is beautiful.  
Our policy, or our higher goals, target to contribute to well-being.  This by limiting the impact of misfortune, but especially by enabling growth.  

Well-being and happiness depend on our environment and our relationships and the option for evolving and going through growth.  And with insurances we attempt to create a proper climate and environment, by working in accordance with a policy.  

In history lots of examples can be found demonstrating a positive impact of insurances on our society.  At the time that labour insurances became mandatory, the number of labour accidents has been decreased in a drastic way.  Thus  “insurances” enabled good progress, both on a level of well-being and in society it realised strong social revolutions

The strenghts of insurances is however not yet enough known nor used, and DALI is putting the focus on this.  Mankind, happiness linked to their actions while having a special eye for environment.  Encouraging companies for a conscious reflection about working towards a well-thought policy, but also in the private atmosphere, respecting a harmonious policy, internally and towards the environment can be key towards success and happiness.

A. Preserving the concept “working in full independence”

For the optimization of your contracts, we have a strong range of insurance companies. As a consequence we can execute objective comparative studies and we can select for you the strongest products and assets available per company tailored to your needs and accents.

Our independence ensures we can act strongly as we have a strong concept of working. For this we keep protecting and honoring this principle as much as possible. This by working with a large number of partners, but also in our organization as on a level of marketing, we always choose for independency.

B. Special attention for honest relationships:
Objective information and a focus on the core of the business

In all our actions, we respect insurance principles and regulations and we do not derive from this, under no single circumstance. In this way we build honest and respectful relationships with all parties.

In our advice, towards a customer, we comprise as well the pro’s and con’s of a product.  

Further our attention is going towards the core of our activity: "making sure the customer still feels strong in case of damage."

Summarized : we make sure that you remain in a strong position in case of damage. This by offering a well-designed contract, as a result of correct information provided in the pre-contractual phase; by a proper design of the contract both legally and insurance technically; as also by maintaining good relationships based on objective and full information. In this way we want our customer to be strong in case of damage.

C. Product policy

We aim for insurance solutions taking into consideration the entire life of the customer.  A change of an insurance contract is namely not as simple for any type of contract.   For this reason we do not only figure out a solution for short term, but we maintain a long term vision and appraise flexibility, continuity and affordability of the warrantees. 

Next to this we put special attention towards foreseen services related to damage management, not only for material damage, but also for human aspects. This approach results in a well-appreciated care, in case of damage. Further via our core values, manageability and transparency, we ensure a customer friendly service.

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