Mission and Vision : Consciously and Better insured – For Safe Growth

"Being conscious and thus better insured" and "For Safe Growth" are the slogans of DALI.

Thanks to independence and the offer of precise and objective information, as a result of our own analyses, we guide our customer in his decision making related to insurance solutions.

Further an independent management, a sound control of costs a.o.. via modern IT applications, and an active management of our customer files enable a strong service.

This as well for "Standard insurances", "Personal insurances" and "Life – and savings insurances".

A. Safety - For "Safe" Growth 

Safety, our objective, translated as follows within every category of insurances :

Personal insurances : to foresee extra certainties for you and your family members.  This reckoning with the risks of your private and professional activities.  And taking into account the life cycle you find yourself in, as also the required flexibility for bridging personal changes, in order to guarantee a continuity of the warrantees during the entire duration of your life.  This also in order to foresee the wanted income protection for every personal goal and ambition.

Save- and investment insurances : choosing those warrantees matching with your aspired growth, and adjusted to your risk profile. Reckoning with the capital you are targeting, and the degree of certainty you want to include.  Foreseen of the needed flexibility for a fluent response on changes.  Product selected as a result of a careful product and market analysis. 

Varia insurances : insurance solutions, conform with the defined needs for insurance, and in line with your risk management and insurance targets. On the basis lies a process of risk detection, with careful risk description, including a check of your prevention- and damage policy.

B. Growth - For Safe "Growth"

Your goals are put central, while keeping a long term vision.
This all matching in your financial plan and your insurance plan. First we note your accents and preferences, accordingly we make sure it will be represented in your personal insurance policy .
In this process, we keep an eye on changes and evolutions in different domains such as the insurance market, the fiscal legislation, and all domains having an impact on the management of your insurances.    


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