About DALI

The name DALI has been chosen for having a short name, easy to pronounce in different languages. Further the name indicates what DALI is all about : 

Being Dynamic with Insurances, Loans and Investments

DALI offers lots of benefits in the position of an independent broker :

  • gain time
  • profound analysis and comparison of contracts
  • contracts with optimal warrantees adjusted to your specific situation

The logo of DALI is the mathematic symbol for growth.  It translates the dynamism in our world.  Everything is moving and is subject to change.  DALI wants to contribute to the customers’ success by making evolutions and changes transparent and applicable.

The shape of the logo also can be found in elements of nature such as comets and shells.  Dali wants to contribute in an active way, bringing economy and ecology into accord.  DALI aims for a safe growth for everyone.

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